About Us

Well hello there!

If you’re here looking at this page, you’re more curious than the average Joe. Congratulations! You’re what we call a discriminating consumer of viral tidbits and what-nots. You don’t want to get your content “fix” from just any ol’ site run by a bunch of shifty ne’er-do-well hucksters. No sir! You want to take a peek behind the curtain and see who’s who and what’s what before you go looking at more cat videos and memes. Can’t say we blame you… the interwebs are rife with shady hooligans looking to bamboozle you out of your precious time and attention.

“Welcome,” we say to you as we shake you warmly by the hand. We appreciate your stopping by to look around. Hopefully you’ll make yourself comfortable and stick around a while. In fact, you’re welcome to stop by anytime you want to check out the sorts of things intelligent and good-looking people like yourself have deemed worthy of their attention. Maybe it *is* a cat video (it’s ok, we’re not judging you… cats do the durndest things) or maybe it’s something a little more significant–we strive to find a decent balance.

…which brings us to a good point: the reason we created this site. We set out to create something a little different–a site that keeps our friends (like you) in the loop with refreshing news from around the globe whilst being intelligently entertaining.

What do you think, are you with us? Great! Here’s a virtual fist-bump for you as you go on your way.